Traditional Diet Program

Whitehorse General Hospital has been serving traditional foods to Aboriginal patients for over 15 years.

Traditional foods are still an important part of the daily lives of many Yukon First Nations people.  It is part of an important link between health, culture and identity.  Traditional food can help to create a healing and familiar environment for patients when they are in the hospital.

The Traditional Diet Co-ordinatior holding a plate of food

A Traditional foods menu is offered to Aboriginal patients during their stay at the Whitehorse General Hospital. Moose and caribou broths, soups, stews and bannock are the most commonly served meals. All meat is donated to by local hunters, outfitters or conservation officers. Please talk to your Health & Social Liaison Worker for more information.

The Traditional Diet Program is always seeking donation of big game. If you are interested in donating to our program or would like more information, please call the Traditional Diet coordinator at 867 393-8891
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